Product Liability

Designers, manufactures and suppliers have a responsibility to American consumers. People should be able to trust that the products they are purchasing are safe for use. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Each year, millions of Americans are harmed by dangerous products. From defective drugs and faulty medical devices to unsafe auto parts and dangerous children’s toys, millions of people are seriously harmed or killed by unsafe products each year.

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Dangerous and Defective Products

Product Liability Law

Product liability law was designed to protect the rights of people that are harmed by unsafe products. When a product causes someone harm, product liability law holds the responsible company accountable, requiring it to pay for the injured person’s present and future medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

There are different categories of negligence in product liability law:

  • Negligence — a manufacturing company must uphold certain standards of care in the design, manufacturing, inspecting and testing of a product. Manufacturing companies must also provide consumers with information about potential dangers associated with their products. If negligence is proven, the company can be held responsible for any injuries.
  • Breach of Warranty — a company must live up to both expressed and implied warranties. If a breach of warranty occurs, the company may be held liable.
  • Strict Product Liability — often times negligence and/or breach of warranty can be difficult to prove. With strict liability, the injured party only needs to prove that the product is defective, the defect occurred while under the care of the manufacturer, and that the person was harmed because of the defect.

Product defects can occur in the actual design of the product or in the production process. Product liability also holds companies accountable when they fail to warn consumers about potential dangers associated with the product. An example of this would be when a drug manufacturing company fails to include a warning about dangerous drug interactions.

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