Negligent Security

You might not think somebody would be responsible for your security if you have been attacked or victimized by another person because you were in an inherently dangerous environment. But, there is a specialized area of the law devoted to compensating people for premises liability. This section of the law is there to help you be compensated for being hurt on the premises of many types of places.

Negligent security law generally has applied to places or situations where there have been third party attacks. In recent years, negligent security law has also covered injuries caused by terrorist attacks, computer security attacks and injuries occurring at work.

Places Where Security Matters

Many areas, because they’re isolated or are poorly lit, are more prone to third party attacks. These places can include:

  • Parking structures or lots
  • Stadiums
  • Amusement parks
  • City, state and federal parks
  • School campuses
  • Shopping centers
  • Bars
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Private clubs
  • Certain city neighborhoods
  • Some downtown areas

Depending upon the circumstances, landlords, company operators, sports parks, schools and universities, and even governments have a history of being held responsible for a person being injured by the attack of someone else.

Workplace violence is another type of security threat. It is estimated that workplace violence costs U.S. businesses between $36 billion to $40 billion every year. About 1.7 million persons are victimized while they’re at work or on duty annually.

Parking structures should be well-lit and security cameras can make a difference in capturing the person guilty of committing assault against another. In other areas, security personnel should be on duty to protect the public.

Contact a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

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