GM Claims Deadline Extended to Jan. 31, 2015, Offers May Not be Best For All

The administrator for GM’s victims’ compensation program announced earlier this month that GM is giving individuals and families who have suffered injury or loss due to faulty ignition switches until Jan. 31, 2015 to file compensation claims; the deadline has been extended by one month.

According to Kenneth R. Feinberg, GM extended the deadline to give affected families more time to file their claims. He said in a statement that most families should be aware of the program by now and that the decision to add another month came “out of an abundance of caution.”

GM made a statement saying that it is doing everything in its power to notify all current and former owners of affected vehicles about the compensation program.

The program entitled GM Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility has received more than 2,100 claims for serious injury and deaths since Aug. 1. So far, the program has made 40 compensation offers and 39 have been approved.

Families who accept an offer through the program waive their right to sue GM through an individual lawsuit.

The Law Office of Melinda J. Helbock A.P.C. is announcing that it is available to investigate potential injury and death claims on behalf of the families of those injured or killed in crashes caused by the faulty ignition switches. According to attorneys at the firm, suing GM rather than accepting a compensation offer may be more financially beneficial for some families.

To learn more about your rights and to find out if filing an ignition switch lawsuit is right for you, please contact our firm today.