Ford to Recall more than 24,000 Focus EV and C-Max Models

The Detroit News reports that Ford will issue a voluntary recall for 23,800 Focus Electric and C-Max Hybrid and Energi models with a push-button ignition.

The recall is being issued because it has been determined that the cars don’t alert drivers when the driver’s door is open, which is a violation of federal regulations. While many consumers may feel that the lack of a door chime is too insignificant an issue to warrant a recall, it could actually be a very helpful reminder for vehicle operators. Not only does the chime let drivers know when their door is open, which could prevent safety issues, but it also alerts drivers that their cars are on or when they have left a key fob in the car. Since these vehicles are virtually silent when idling and do not require keys for ignition, this reminder could save a lot of headaches.

The voluntary recall will cover all Focus Electric hatchbacks with 2012 and 2013 year models, as well as all 2013 models of the C-Max Hybrid and Energi. Up to 22,900 of the recalled vehicles were sold in the United States.

Ford will contact owners of the recalled vehicles and direct them to dealerships for a software update that will fix the issue.

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