Family Sues City of San Diego and Trash Truck Driver

he family of a nine-year old North Park boy who lost a leg when he ran into a trash truck is suing the city of San Diego and the truck driver, according to an April 3 edition of the San Diego Union Tribune.

Details about the Accident

The truck accident occurred when Luke Acuna was riding his skateboard on the sidewalk along Kansas Avenue and then crossed Meade Avenue in North Park. He looked back to see his friends when he was hit by the truck making a three-point-turn.The boy had to have his left leg amputated, suffered internal injuries and broken bones, and was placed in a medically induced coma. He has had a number of surgeries.

Claims for Accident Injury

Luke is the son of Anthony and Dawneva Acuna. Their lawsuit was filed in San Diego Superior Court on March 17, seeking over $10,000 in damages. The suit claims the Acunas have lost the ability to earn a living since the accident. In addition, they are asking to be compensated for medical costs.

The Boy’s Rehabilitation Process

The boy has spent 100 days recovering at Rady Children’s Hospital since the accident last November. According to the boy’s doctor, Dr. Andrew Skalsky, who is the hospital’s director of rehabilitation, Luke is making significant progress. He began physical therapy a month ago.“It’s been a long journey,” Dr. Skalsky said. “He’s getting closer to home every day.” Dr. Skalsky said that long term “Luke is going to come through very nicely.”Police Lieutenant Andra Brown said the truck driver was not cited, since an investigation indicated that Luke was at fault.Sources:

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