After $265M Verdict, Could Dicamba Be Another Herbicide Problem for Monsanto?

This verdict could boost dozens of other lawsuits filed over Monsanto’s Dicamba herbicide, while Bayer insisted the case was an anomaly. Unlike Non Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer Lawsuits associated with Roundup, the cases allege Dicamba herbicide sprayed by farmers drifted into neighboring fields, causing damages to their crops.

This month’s $265 million verdict over Monsanto Co.’s Dicamba herbicide sprouted more legal trouble for the agricultural giant, which is appealing nearly $2.4 billion in Roundup verdicts, but the cases are far afield from one another in the allegations they raise.

Unlike Roundup, which involves 42,700 lawsuits, only about 100 farmers have sued Monsanto over Dicamba herbicide. In fact, the case that went to trial stands apart from dozens of other lawsuits pending in multidistrict litigation before U.S. District Judge Stephen Limbaugh of the Eastern District of Missouri, primarily because it was the first one filed and featured a peach orchard, not a soybean field. Still, the Missouri jury’s award, which included $250 million in punitive damages, made lawyers on both sides sit up and take notice.


Recent Verdicts for Roundup Weed Killer have totaled Billions of Dollars.

$2 Billion Verdict Pilliod V. Monsanto Company

$289 Million  Monsanto Verdict Johnson V. Monsanto Company

$80 Million Hardeman V. Monsanto Company


If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma from using Roundup weed killer you could be entitled to substantial compensation.

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